tisdag 25 mars 2014

Where there's a will there's a way!

Life is the way it is - have you heard that?
I would put it - life is exactly the way I have created it.If I don´t like it - change strategy !
Our nature will create the best whatever we beleive in.
Life will always move forward until it ends.

With that in mind - I choose to make the best of it!
We put pictures out on funny veggies, strange trees and more. We tend to be overwhelmed about the variaty out there. Why are we not more humbled to ourselves in that matter?

We as humans have the amount of differencies, odd looks, diffrent languages,different skin and eyecolours.

 Life is more fun, vital and exciting with variaty!

Live life full on - embraze the difference and be more humble. To yourself and to others!

Namasté from Sundbyholm Castle in Sweden

onsdag 12 mars 2014

MarieLouise Falk Coaches Others to Succeed in the Professional World

Now it´s about time to set higher standards and with that comes new goals!
It`s been a while ago that I thought about cars.
So I figure this car would be a nice goal to start with.I still recognize moments or times when  I lack of goals.It`s like I keep forgetting the power in them.
What could another goal look like? I have a beautyful house and it needs to be completed. That would be the next goal. How about my carrier? I love to work with large groups and preferrable different languages. That would be the third goal. The last goal will be my health and fitness status.I want to be in the shape of my best time. I know exactly what to do to feel great!                                                                                                                                                                             
With that said I am reminding myself to "walk my talk".
Today I was shown to the world in the pressrelease World Wide Who`s Who!
With over 500000 members -  it is to network with likeminded individuals.
Quote from their site "The mission is to empower professionals from all industries and stages of professional development to experience greater levels of success by providing them with unique opportunities to develop and promote their personal brandings."
I like that!


söndag 23 februari 2014


Now I have done the Module 2 of five days in Communikology - 
a very interesting education. Please follow the link below

Here is the definition:
  1. The study of the structure and dynamics of communication and change when all experience and all behavior is defined and studied as communication.
  2. The study of common factors in change work. 
I have copied the right definition from their site:

  • Scientific base and support:
  • The new discipline builds upon a long and generally recognized academic tradition: the communication-tradition in general (including systemic thinking), and - since the 1950's - Gregory Bateson and the Palo Alto-school in particular.
  • The research and subject-development by Jorunn Sjøbakken & Truls Fleiner since the 1970's - is mainly inspired by Bateson's interdisciplinary ambition - and John Grinders competence-research since the 1970's.
  • The result of all this - when compared to systemic brain-research a la Matti Bergström - "fits like fingers in a glove".
  • This - alltogether - draws the distinct outline of a new paradigm regarding both tangible interdisciplinarines and the approach towards research and practice in other respects.

I have been working as a Professionell Coach for many years as well as a Personal Trainer and I have never found such a good, reliefing, understanding and most of all a way of no judgemental way to treat people for who they are. The best they can be in any circumstances.
I am on the track for a better understanding of human beings. It must be the best way of meeting people. What do you say?

To be continued....

onsdag 22 januari 2014

Courage to Create Change - coaching for a sustainable future!

Welcome to Malmoe in Sweden between  the18-20 Sept of 2014.
It´s the ICF global conference organized by ICF Sweden, ICF Finland, ICF Norway,ICF Denmark and ICF Polen.
Why you might need a coach:

Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. And, the list does not end there. Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.

Professional coaching maximizes potential and, therefore, unlocks latent sources of productivity.Building the self-confidence of employees to face challenges is critical in meeting organizational demands.Coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes.
The vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back.
Virtually all companies and individuals who hire a coach are satisfied.

So welcome to Malmoe in Sweden!

söndag 1 april 2012

Happy Fools Day!

Another day, month, week and year passes by!

New routines comes in as well, have you noticed that? The routine you want and maybe something you dislike. We have to keep on moving and enjoy life meanwhile.
So what to do?

I say to the people I have the priviledge to help keep in shape that it does not matter what you do. The most important thing is to do, whatever at anytime.Sooner or later it will become a habit so keep on moving!

Most of all, enjoy and have a great time!

"A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life." # James Allen

söndag 10 april 2011

Eating animals.

Interesting book about eating animals. Jonathan was on the Swedish TV the other night. He told us about his upbringing, his role as a father and an author. His casual questioning took on an urgency. This book reflects upon family traditions, habits, myths etc around farmers and vegetarians, the food we eat or chose not to eat.


söndag 27 mars 2011

Natural tree compound effective at treating MRSA,skin cancer.

Summer is soon coming, take care of your skin. We found this chemical from the cedar needles an abundant and renewable that can be collected annually said co- researcher Brian Thompson. Interesting article in Natural News this week. Read it here http://www.naturalnews.com/031843_MRSA_skin_cancer.html Another article regarding this subject, keep in mind - we are on our way to the summer season, http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/220205.php How to protect your skin, overall. Take a look here are some tips. http://www.everydayhealth.com/skin-and-beauty/skin-care-101/protect-your-skin.aspx